Besgrow specialise in the production of high quality growing and landscaping substrates from sustainable, renewable resources.

It is important to us to provide you with products that will allow you to grow high quality plants with less effort. Our sustainable process is managed from the raw resource through our processing factories to create high quality solutions to satisfy growers.


asheville orchid festival is just around the corner

5 Apr 2016. Orchiata and the Western North Carolina Orchid Society are proud to bring you the 2016 Asheville Orchid Festival. Come and see the stunning orchid displays, international speakers and orchids galore. Find out more here Read more...

orchiata into canada

23 Feb 2016. Our first container of Orchiata will be arriving in Canada at the beginning of March. Contact Just Moss Canada / Western Marine to get your hands on some and grow beautiful with Orchiata Read more...

orchiata apprectation

17 Feb 2016. We love hearing about your experience using Orchiata. Here is a comment we recently received: "I can attest that this is the best orchid bark you can buy. You don't have to change it near as often as other barks and all my orchids improved greatly after I switched them over to it. Their roots grew much faster and larger and fatter than ever before. So far my Orchiata bark is a little over a year old and it still looks as new as it did the day I bought it. And it still smells as fresh too. I really love this stuff. I'll never use any other orchid potting mix but this. I hope supplies of it never run out." Read more...