Besgrow specialise in the production of high quality growing and landscaping substrates from sustainable, renewable resources.

It is important to us to provide you with products that will allow you to grow high quality plants with less effort. Our sustainable process is managed from the raw resource through our processing factories to create high quality solutions to satisfy growers.


pca conference

22 Jul 2015. Besgrow have just returned from the Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) Conference in the Gold Coast. Find out more and see photos Read more...

reptiles love orchiata

10 Jul 2015. Have you thought of using Orchiata for reptile bedding? The range of chip sizes makes it easy to accommodate for different reptiles. We have customers using it in their terrariums for snakes, lizards and frogs. Click to see photos Read more...

ronald mcdonald house

17 Jun 2015. The team at Besgrow cooked an evening meal for the families staying at Ronald McDonald House. It was really nice to spend time with all the wonderful families. Read more...